Suzuki Liana since 2002
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. General information
1.2. Keys, locks of doors and the opening body elements
1.2.1. Keys
1.2.2. Door locks
1.2.3. Central lock (additional equipment)
1.2.4. Remote control of locks (additional borudovaniye)
1.2.5. Replacement of the battery of the panel
1.2.6. "The children's lock" (back side door)
1.2.7. Back door / Trunk lid
1.2.8. A window regulator with the manual drive (the additional equipment)
1.2.9. Power windows (additional equipment)
1.2.10. Benzonalivno hatch
1.2.11. Cowl and cover of the luggage compartment
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices and equipment of interior of the car
1.4. System of heating and air conditioning
1.5. Seats and means of passive safety
1.6. Launch of the engine, driving and service of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1.2.9. Power windows (additional equipment)

Electric windows management works only at the included ignition.

Party of the driver

Fig. 1.21. Governing bodies of window regulators on the driver's door

On a door of the driver the switches 1, 2, 3, 4 intended respectively for management of the driver's window, window of the forward passenger, a back left and back right window (fig. 1.21) are located.

Passenger's door

Fig. 1.22. A command key a window regulator on the passenger's door

On each door of the passenger there is a switch 5 for management only of its window (fig. 1.22).
For opening of a window press the towering part of a key, for closing – lift it.

Fig. 1.23. Rise and lowering of glasses

The window of the driver can fall automatically for bigger convenience, for example, at payment of journey or a lunch at travel restaurants. It means that it is possible to open a window, without holding a key in the provision of opening. Press a key of times against the stop and release it. For a glass stop before achievement of the lower point by it, it is necessary to raise a key for a moment.

The blocking switch

Fig. 1.24. The blocking switch

On a door of the driver there is a switch blocking windows of passengers (fig. 1.24). After pressing of a window of passengers it it is impossible to lift or lower switches 2, 3, 4 or 5. For return to a normal operating mode, press the button once again.

Fig. 1.25. Полнстью open window of a back door

Always block windows management if in the car children.
In order to avoid injuries as a result of jamming, be convinced at inclusion of an electrowindow regulator that parts of a body of passengers are not on the way of the rising glasses. Always take the ignition key with yourself, leaving from the car – though for a while. Do not leave also in the parked car of children unguarded – they can include window regulators and be pinched by a window.

Windows of back doors do not open completely but only, approximately, on 2/3.

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1.2.10. Benzonalivno hatch