Suzuki Liana since 2002
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. General information
1.2. Keys, locks of doors and the opening body elements
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices and equipment of interior of the car
1.4. System of heating and air conditioning
1.5. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5.1. Adjustment of front seats
1.5.2. Folding of a back seat
1.5.3. Armrest (additional equipment)
1.5.4. Diagonal and zone belt
1.5.5. Installation of a children's seat of safety by means of a diagonal and zone belt
1.5.6. Installation of a seat by means of a nabedrenny belt
1.5.7. Installation of a seat by means of fixing brackets of ISO-FIX
1.5.8. Installation of a children's seat by means of the top thong (the additional equipment)
1.5.9. Device of a preliminary tension of seat belts (additional equipment)
1.5.10. Pneumopillows (additional equipment)
1.5.11. Value of a symbol "AIR BAG" (additional equipment)
1.6. Launch of the engine, driving and service of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1.5.1. Adjustment of front seats

Never regulate the provision of a seat of the driver or his back during the movement. The seat or its back can unexpectedly move, having caused loss of control over the car. Be convinced prior to the movement that the seat of the driver and his back are adjusted.
In order to avoid the excess weak point of seat belts reducing efficiency of their action adjust seats before fastening belts.

Adjustment of provision of a seat

Fig. 1.108. Movement of a seat in the horizontal plane

Fig. 1.109. Adjustment of height of a pillow

The lever of adjustment of provision of a front seat is under it in front. For adjustment pull the lever up and shift a seat forward or back.
After adjustment to a potolkayta a seat back and forth, having checked whether reliably it was recorded.
If the seat of the driver is supplied with the regulator of height of its pillow located from the outer side, establish suitable height, having shaken a rychazhok up or down.

Adjustment of an inclination of backs

Fig. 1.110. Adjustment of an inclination of a back

During the movement the back should not have a big inclination, otherwise the effect of seat belts will decrease. They are most effective at strictly vertical position of a back.
For adjustment of an inclination of a back of front seats pull up a rychazhok from outer side of a seat, establish the necessary inclination and release the lever, thereby, having recorded a back.

Back seats

Fig. 1.111. Adjustment of back seats

For adjustment of an inclination of a back of back seats, pull the lever in the top part of separately put seat up, move a back to one of the fixed provisions; the number of such provisions depends on a technical characteristic of the car, release the lever for fixing of a back; after adjustment move a back to be convinced of reliability of its fixing.

Adjustable head restraints (additional equipment)

Fig. 1.112. Adjustment of a head restraint

Head restraints are intended for reduction of risk of damage of area of a neck during accident. Adjust height of head restraints.
The head restraint is lifted a pandiculation up to click. For lowering it is pushed down, holding the button of a clamp of pressed. If the head restraint has to be removed (for cleaning, replacement, etc.), press the button and pull out it up.

For providing the sufficient place for pulling of a head restraint it can be necessary to cast away a seatback.

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