Suzuki Liana since 2002
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. General information
1.2. Keys, locks of doors and the opening body elements
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices and equipment of interior of the car
1.3.1. Precautionary and control lamps
1.3.2. Speedometer/odometer / counter of a daily run
1.3.3. Regulator of brightness of a luminescence of devices
1.3.4. Tachometer
1.3.5. Index of a reserve of fuel
1.3.6. Index engine reroar temperature / indicator (additional equipment)
1.3.7. Switch of the alarm system
1.3.8. Switch of heating of back glass (additional equipment)
1.3.9. Proofreader of provision of headlights (additional equipment)
1.3.10. Switch of heating of mirrors (additional equipment)
1.3.11. Switch of fog light (additional equipment)
1.3.12. Information display
1.3.13. Change of brightness of the information display
1.3.14. Switch of light and indexes of turn
1.3.15. Switch of a cleaner and washer of a windshield
1.3.16. Switch of a cleaner and washer of back glass (additional equipment)
1.3.17. Lever of blocking of an adjustable steering column (additional equipment)
1.3.18. The control unit of the audio system on a steering wheel
1.3.19. Sound signal
1.3.20. Mirrors
1.3.21. Lighter and ashtray (additional equipment)
1.3.22. Protivosolnechny peak
1.3.23. Switch of illumination of salon
1.3.24. Heater of a front seat (additional equipment)
1.3.25. The socket for auxiliary devices (the additional equipment)
1.3.26. Hand-rail (additional equipment)
1.3.27. Hooks for clothes (the additional equipment)
1.3.28. Spectacle-case
1.3.29. Coaster and casket (additional equipment)
1.3.30. Folding little table (additional equipment)
1.3.31. A pocket on a back of a front seat (the additional equipment)
1.3.32. A box under a front seat (the additional equipment)
1.3.33. Cover of the luggage compartment (additional equipment)
1.3.34. Lighting of the luggage compartment ("hatch-back")
1.3.35. Illumination of a luggage carrier ("sedan")
1.3.36. Nests for arches of the top luggage carrier (the additional equipment)
1.3.37. Antenna (additional equipment)
1.4. System of heating and air conditioning
1.5. Seats and means of passive safety
1.6. Launch of the engine, driving and service of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1.3.14. Switch of light and indexes of turn

Fig. 1.53. Light switches (types A and B)

There are two types of switches. The type A has no switch of tail fog light, the type B has (fig. 1.53).

Management of light

Fig. 1.54. Scheme of management of light (types A and B)

For inclusion or switching off of light turn the handle on the end of the lever (fig. 1.54). It has three provisions: "OFF" 1 – the light is turned off; on average situation 2 the dimensional light, illumination of registration plate and devices, but not headlights is turned on; headlights are added in the third situation 3.

Fig. 1.55. Modes of switching of near and far light

After headlights are included, passing/driving beam is switched by movement of the lever respectively to itself or from itself (fig. 1.55). At inclusion of driving beam on the panel the corresponding indicator lights up. For short-term inclusion of driving beam pull the lever on yourself to the full and release.

Automatic switching off of daylight of headlights (additional equipment)
At launch of the engine external lighting is automatically switched off. The system does not work if the handle of management of light is turned not on "OFF".

System of a reminder on the turned-on light (the additional equipment)
The sound signal reminds that it is necessary to turn off the light which remained included after the key was taken out from the lock of ignition and the driver's door will be open.

Switch of tail fog light (additional equipment)

Fig. 1.56. Modes of switching of the switch of tail fog light

For inclusion of light turn – only at the switch on the end of the lever in the 3rd situation – the ring-shaped switch counterclockwise, as shown in the figure 1.56. At inclusion of tail fog light on the dashboard the corresponding indicator lights up.

When the general switch of light is put on "OFF", the fog light is automatically turned off.

Turn signals

Fig. 1.57. Modes of switching of signals of turn

At the ignition key in the provision of "ON" transfer the lever to the top or lower situation, including respectively the right or left signals of turn (fig. 1.57).

Normal giving of a signal of turn
Translate the lever to the full up or down, wishing to report respectively about the right or left turn. After turn the lever will automatically come back to a starting position and giving of a signal will stop.

Turn signal when changing a lane

Fig. 1.58. A turn signal when changing a lane

When changing a lane or flat turn the steering wheel does not turn so that the signal of turn was switched off (fig. 1.58). Then it is possible not to send in addition the lever to the full but only slightly to shift that giving of a signal began, and to hold it a finger. After an otpuskaniye the lever will return to a starting position.

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