Suzuki Liana since 2002
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. General information
1.2. Keys, locks of doors and the opening body elements
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices and equipment of interior of the car
1.4. System of heating and air conditioning
1.5. Seats and means of passive safety
1.6. Launch of the engine, driving and service of the car
1.6.1. Ignition lock
1.6.2. Lever of the parking brake
1.6.3. Pedals (hand-operated KP)
1.6.4. Automatic transmission
1.6.5. Launch of the engine
1.6.6. Use of the transmission (4-speed automatic transmission)
1.6.7. Manual transmission
1.6.8. Braking
1.6.9. Running in
1.6.10. Catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases (the additional equipment)
1.6.11. Fuel economy
1.6.12. Air filter
1.6.13. The correct pressure in tires
1.6.14. The movement at a high speed
1.6.15. The movement on rises and descents
1.6.16. Movement along the slippery road
1.6.17. Traction coupling device
1.6.18. Driving belt
1.6.19. Engine oil and oil filter
1.6.20. Replacement of oil and oil filter
1.6.21. Replacement of an oil filter
1.6.22. Filling of oil and check of lack of leaks
1.6.23. Gearbox oils
1.6.24. Check of level of oil in power units
1.6.25. Replacement of oil in the transmission
1.6.26. Oil for the automatic transmission
1.6.27. Cooling liquid of the engine
1.6.28. Replacement of cooling liquid
1.6.29. Windshield washer liquid
1.6.30. Air filter
1.6.31. Spark plugs
1.6.32. Brakes
1.6.33. Steering
1.6.34. Coupling pedal
1.6.35. Tires
1.6.36. The tool for change of wheels
1.6.37. Change of wheels
1.6.38. Accumulator
1.6.39. Safety locks
1.6.40. Replacement of lamps
1.6.41. Screen wiper brushes
1.6.42. Conditioner
1.6.43. Work with a jack
1.6.44. Launch of the engine from the external accumulator
1.6.45. Towage of the faulty car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1.6.43. Work with a jack

The first take out a jack, then other tools; conduct laying in the return turn. Perrd be convinced by laying that the jack is difficult up to the end.

Install the car on a plain firm surface.

Fig. 1.249. Installation of the fixing boot

Tighten the emergency brake and install the switching lever in situation "P" at the automatic transmission or "R" (backing) at a manual box. Substitute boots behind and in front of the wheel of other party located diagonalno from lifted (fig. 1.249).
Turn on the alarm system if the Car costs near a stream of the movement.
Put a jack and lift it, rotating the handle clockwise until the cut of a head captures a body edge between two tags.

Fig. 1.250. Assembly of device for an otvorachivaniye of wheel bolts

Fig. 1.251. Installation of a jack (car overlays of thresholds)

If the bottom of a body has a slip, it will close tags ledges. For finding of the correct place for a jack the slip has tags ribs (see rice 1.251). Do not rest a jack against a slip.

Continue to lift a jack slowly and evenly until the wheel comes off the earth. Do not lift those the car more than it is necessary.

Use a jack only for change of wheels.
Do not lift the car on an inclined surface.
Do not lift the car in other points, except noted on a body near wheels.

Fig. 1.252. Installation of a jack (the car without overlays of thresholds)

The jack has to rise at least by 51 mm before a body contact. Loading of the jack which did not rise empty not less than 51 mm from the put situation can lead to its breakage.
Never to a podlezayta under the car, when it поддомкрачен. Never you start the engine when the car costs on a jack, and do not allow people to remain in the car at this time.

Fig. 1.253. Scheme of installation of a jack: 1 – slip; 2 – body edge

Do not rest a jack against an overlay of a threshold of a body: it is not calculated on such loading and can break. The car can fall down also at such rise from a jack and cause to attendees severe injuries.

Do not step on an overlay of a threshold of a body: it can break.

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1.6.44. Launch of the engine from the external accumulator