Suzuki Liana since 2002
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment

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Suzuki Liana (since 2002 release)

The Suzuki Liana form shows as naturally elegant form supplements perfect functionality. Suzuki Liana is a compact car which modest outlines not only provide more place on the road, but also allow it to maneuver easily on city streets and the crowded parking. Designers gave to an exterior of new Suzuki Liana more aggression and dynamism. Organically the front bumper with a low spoiler and fog lights integrated into it which give to a forward part of the car more dynamic look fits into shape of the car. Sidewalls of this model added with plastic overlays for wheel arches, thresholds of a body and the lower part of doors.

Suzuki Liana is equipped with the latest security systems which include four safety cushions of the second generation. By results of the annual recommendations of the American magazine "Digest of the Consumer" designed to show what models of cars it is more preferable to the consumer at assessment of the price of the car, costs of service "The Best Purchase of Year" was entitled the rating of safety, design, ergonomic indicators, comfort, the brake system, road indicators, and also various performance data, such as acceleration, the Suzuki Liana model.

The huge glazed apertures of Suzuki Liana create feeling of spaciousness in salon. The modern design of interior of the car the practicality commands respect and trust.

The Suzuki Liana cars are well adapted for conditions of the Russian roads. Work of ABS is so well smoothly running that on dry asphalt sometimes can seem that "anti-block" on this car is absent.

Suzuki Liana interior Completely processed dashboard looks much more richly and more harmoniously previous and the construction obviously gravitates to the leading models of the European market. In finishing of Suzuki Liana salon sound soft materials are used. In standard equipment of Suzuki Liana there is practically everything to be proud of the car: it and four safety cushions, ABS, the conditioner, heating of front seats, a full electropackage, radio preparation, an immobilizer, cast disks, stylish aerodinasuzuki Liana bought the new control panel, instead of electronic - the analog speedometer and a tachometer edged by the beautiful chromeplated border. The large figures executed by stylish "handwriting" are perfectly visible at any time. In respect of internal comfort the car operezhdat many models of the category. Landing in it quite high, and thanks to the big area of a glazing even in the most intense stream to be guided will not make difficulty. Vertically standing averages of a rack of the Suzuki Liana form solid space to a ceiling.

Power of the 1,6-liter Suzuki Liana motor was lifted to 106 h.p. instead of former 103. And as for riding properties, having even gained provocatively aggressive shape, the car did not lose quiet peaceful character which is equally good also on country routes, and in a dense city stream. Landing driving the Suzuki Liana provides quite worthy level of comfort and at a long travel and when there are a need and a possibility of active "taxiing" with interception. The car behaves steadily and reliably, pleasing with smoothness of the course and noiselessness of work of transmission.

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